Make Up For Droopy Eyes

make up for droopy eyes

make up for droopy eyes - Bring It

Bring It Up! Instant Face Lift! 16 pr

Bring It Up! Instant Face Lift! 16 pr

16 Pairs of Brow Lifts &
16 Pairs of Neck Lifts
Open up the eyes. Tighten and tone the neckline. Instant Results/Transparent/Easy to Use.
Fool Mother Nature Instantly!
Drooping of the eyebrows, neck and chin are some of the earliest and most recognizable signs of aging. Sagging eyebrows and forehead skin can falsely create an image of anger or exhaustion on a person' face. Bring It Up™ Instant Face Lifts open up tired, droopy eyes and help smooth out crows feet. They can instantly tighten and tone a sagging neckline. No more searching for turtlenecks and scarves to hide an aging neckline.
This product has helped many women of all ages achieve a more refreshed and well rested appearance. The hypoallergenic, clear adhesive lifts are virtually undetectable but they aren't invisible. Your hairstyle will camouflage the lifts . . .not make-up. With only a little bang and at least an inch of hair behind the ear. . . no one will know you have them on.
Made in USA

75% (5)

El- Ahrairah or Elil-hrair-rah, prince with a thousand enemies

El- Ahrairah or Elil-hrair-rah, prince with a thousand enemies

All the little Bigwigs, as they are called, hopped over to Dandelion. “Tell us a story. Please?” Dandelion thought for a moment, pretending he wasn’t going to tell one. But of course he would, it was his favorite thing to do. “I have a great story. It’s called The Story of How El- Ahrairah Almost Lost His Warren.” Then, as the kittens settled all around him, he began.

“It was a beautiful day just before harvest and Rabscuttle was out gathering flay to store for the winter. He had just finished moving it all when he smelt something odd. It was a fox!”

“A fox?” a little one asked. “Foxes don’t come around warrens. Rabbits don’t even see a fox in their whole life.” It was young Nildro- hain, named after

“Yes it is unusual, but if I can go on you can hear the rest of the story,” he continued. “ Rabscuttle ran as fast as he could back to the warren.

El- Ahrairah was basking in the sun when suddenly Rabscuttle scurried up. “El- Ahrairah! There’s a homba just outside the warren! I’m sure he’s caught our scent!” Now, El- Ahrairah was a crafty rabbit and used that gift of knowledge that Great Frith had given him. Even as Rabscuttle began his panic, El- Ahrairah had begun to think of a way to protect his warren.

“ ‘Rabscuttle, Rabscuttle! Calm down. I have a plan,’ was all he said. And even though Rabscuttle asked a hundred times and then a hundred more, El- Ahrairah said nothing. He just hopped away with Rabscuttle trailing behind him. It wasn’t until they were completely out of the warren when El- Ahrairah spoke.

“ ‘I am going to talk to the homba. But first, let’s go have a chat with our friend Rowsby Woof.’ With that they set off, as quickly as there legs would carry them to the farm. When they arrived, Rowsby Woof did not even bark. He just sat and stared at them with droopy eyes.

“ ‘Hello, Rowsby Woof, I am a rabbit from a nearby warren. I heard you met the Fairy Wogdog. Is that true?’ The dog sighed and blinked his eyes slowly. ‘No, she did not come. Why?’ he asked raising his eyes suddenly. ‘Oh, I have a message for you, from her.’ Rowsby Woof sat up and his sadness was tossed aside, ‘do I have a job? I would love to meet her. Can I meet her?’ ‘I’m sorry, but no. You will not be able to meet her this time. She does, however, have a job for you. She wants you to go to the edge of the river and wait. And when the sun is high in the sky, you will see a fox and I. When I begin to hop away, chase the fox out of the forest and make sure he won’t come back. Don’t ask questions, just do what is expected of you.’ Rowsby Woof nodded his head and darted off. As El-Ahrairah turned to leave, Rabscuttle hesitated. ‘Are you sure you can trust that dog?’

‘Yes, I am absolutely sure. He will believe anything about the Fairy Wogdog.’ They hopped down to the river. ‘Wait for me here, I am going to find that fox.’ ”

“That sounds like it’s very dangerous,” said Chrysanthemum. “I hope that they didn’t get hurt.”

“Shhh!” Nildro, the one who spoke up earlier, snapped. “I want to hear what happens next.” Dandelion closed his eyes, remembering the story,

“It was almost moonrise when El- Ahrairah ran across the open plain right in front of the homba. The homba saw him and slinked just behind him. The fox was about to pounce when El- Ahrairah stopped short next to the river. The fox stopped as well, curious.

“ ‘What are you doing?’ the fox asked. ‘Don’t you see me, smell me? Don’t you realize that I am a fox and wish to eat you? We rarely get to taste the sweet juices of a rabbit.’

“ ‘I am afraid. But I wish to make a bargain.’ El- Ahrairah replied.

“ ‘A bargain? Why should I make a bargain with you? A single rabbit? When I can just kill you and eat my fill of your friends?’ The fox quizzed. Then after El- Ahrairah said nothing the fox, rather impatient, said, ‘What say you?’ Then El- Ahrairah said to the fox, ‘Fox you may smell and fox you may be, but I can tell your fortune in the water.’ The fox laughed, ‘Is that your bargain? A fortune that will be a complete lie? Ah ha,’ said the fox, ‘Tell my fortune, eh? And what do you see in the water, my friend? Fat rabbits running through the grass, yes, yes?’

“ ‘No,’ replied El- Ahrairah, it is not fat rabbits I see in the water, but swift hounds on the scent and my enemy flying for his life.’ El- Ahrairah looked up from the water and stared at the fox. The fox didn’t know what to think. He stared back at El- Ahrairah, wondering what was going on in his little, furry head. El- Ahrairah looked up in the sky. It was Ni-Frith, noon. The cunning rabbit looked back at the fox, ‘at noon,’ he said. Just then Rowsby Woof howled and ran out from the bushes. The fox gave a startled jump, took one last look at El- Ahrairah, and bolted, with Rowsby Woof hot on his tail. Rabscuttle hopped out of his hiding place, amazed.

“ ‘It worked. You saved our warren. The odd thing is that they won’t know a thing.’

“‘Yes, well, when have I ever given you a reason to doubt me?’ They hopped of to the w

A Christmas day image of a good friend.............Carly

A Christmas day image of a good friend.............Carly

Carly came into our lives through a series of unusual events. Five years after the passing of our previous pet, we decided to get another. Puppies were out of the question, so we decided to do a rescue.

Our interest was in a Golden Retriever and we received information from a 'rescue association' that a woman dying of cancer was looking for a home for hers before she passed. It was her desire to interview and pick the home for her dog, Carly. Karen spoke with her at long length by phone and we decided to make the trip to meet her and the dog. We drove the 2.5 hours to meet Carly only to discover, with disappointment, that she wasn't a Golden Retriever, but a Yellow Lab mix. While taking Carly for a walk, we discussed turning her down....we REALLY had our hearts set on a Golden Retriever!

Returning to talk to the owner, we sat to discuss Carly. The woman began the story of how she had about a month to live..........she had 3 families express interest in taking Carly, which made us feel momentarily better about our decision. I say 'momentarily' because the next words from her mouth were, "But I turned the others down because after talking to Karen, I KNEW you were the family for Carly."

How do you tell a woman dying of cancer that you don't want her dog because it is NOT the breed that you wanted?.................After all, Carly seemed nice enough! Feeling just a little 'shallow', we loaded Carly in the back of the SUV!!!

So Carly has been with us for the past 5+ years now and we have had many pleasurable moments as she became a part of our family, and then there's all the humorous stories that I could tell about her antics, but will spare you the excessive narrative.

On our journey home from Christmas vacation, we noted that she wasn't eating and was drinking very little, which wasn't always unusual on a trip. Buying her a hamburger, we thought a treat might bring her around............but she refused it, an instant red flag. We got home Saturday, but she continued to refuse food and water. On Monday, we took her to the vet....they gave her an IV because of dehydration and ran blood tests and did X-rays! The results weren't good.........a mass was found and her kidney functions were down.......they suspected advanced cancer.....just that quick. Thinking back, we now recognize some small signs that seemed so insignificant at the time, but we still don't feel we could have done anything..........she's 11 years old, but still seemed so full of energy and life.

Carly came home from the vet last night, but has still refused to eat and is drinking very little. She has no energy and no enthusiasm....her ears droopy and her eyes sad. I don't know how much longer it will be before we have to make that ultimate decision, but I don't suspect it will be long.

So, once again, please bear with me if I'm not active with my comments. It looks like we will be in caretaker mode for a while longer.

1/8/11 update:
Last night, we struggled to make it through the evening. Carly was short of breath and had difficulty getting off the floor at bedtime. We finally managed to get her up and outside, but she had great difficulty remaining upright. As she returned inside, she staggered, and it was only through my wife's calling of her name that she was able to focus on walking to the bedroom. We put down a quilt for her to sleep on in case we needed to move her in the morning. Her breathing was short and labored, and once she relaxed from the difficult walk, we heard soft whimpers as if she was experiencing some pain with each breath.

When morning came, Carly was unable to get up. She ate a little food that was set in front of her and we noticed that she had wet the quilt during the night..........although we had discussed the possibility, we knew was time.

The quilt we had her lay on came in very handy, allowing us to move her onto a larger unfolded quilt which we were able to lift and carry her to the back of my truck. Now one might say this wasn't a very comfortable way for us to move Carly, but she always loved the outdoors. She actually got a twinkle in her eyes and for the first time in days, there was a smile on her face. It was a lovely morning.......partly sunny, warm enough that a jacket wasn't necessary, but cool enough to be pleasant. A light breeze brought sweet aromas to Carly's nose and she lifted her head, sniffing the scents that came by.

The vet is only a mile or so away and she seemed to enjoy the ride. She had never been allowed to ride in the bed of the truck before.......much too dangerous, but this seemed like a treat to her. It was good to see her enjoying the last few moments.

And so, we put Carly to rest this morning..........amidst many tears and the accompanying tightness in the chest that comes with moments like this. She will be missed, but I'm sure you already know t

make up for droopy eyes

make up for droopy eyes

Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection: Volume 2

It's time for more crazy tricks and treats with your favorite feathered friend in The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection: Volume 2! 75 hilarious theatrical cartoons from creator Walter Lantz are presented completely uncut and digitally remastered including 3 Academy Award nominees. Enjoy the side-splitting fun and wacky adventures of Woody along with Chilly Willy, Andy Panda, Wally Walrus, Buzz Buzzard and Woody's nephew and niece - Knothead and Splinter. Featuring rare Musical Miniature and Swing Symphony cartoons plus appearances by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Windy the Bear, Maggie and Sam and Inspector Willoughby, this outrageous collection is non-stop fun for fans of all ages!

The second installment in "The Walter Lantz Archive" includes 45 Woody Woodpecker cartoons from 1952 to 1958, and an assortment of films made between the early '30s and the mid-'60s. During the '50s, when the Warner Bros. directors were crafting some of the funniest cartoons ever made and MGM's "Tom and Jerry" series was winning Oscars, the Lantz shorts ranked as second-rate at best. Although some talented artists worked on them, the Woody films from this era feel stale and formulaic: the gags lack punch and the character never develops as a personality. Five Oswald the Lucky Rabbit films qualify as genuine rarities. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created the character; Universal's Carl Laemmle took Oswald from Disney and ultimately gave him to Lantz. "Carnival Capers" (1932), "Five and Dime" (1933), and "Wax Works" (1934) reveal just how strongly the early Oswald resembled Mickey, down to the two-button shorts and chunky shoes. But the animation remains crude, rubbery and weightless. The most interesting of these cartoons is "Puppet Show" (1936), which juxtaposes live action footage of marionettes with drawn animation of the same characters. At this point, Oswald, who pulls the puppets' strings, had been re-designed to look like a white Easter Bunny. "A Haunting We Will Go" (1939), starring Li'l Eight Ball, a forgotten stereotypical African American boy, exemplifies the dubious ethnic humor that was popular at the time in America. The extras include a dozen of Lantz's short explanations of the animation process from "The Woody Woodpecker Show." (Unrated, suitable for ages 10 and older: cartoon violence, alcohol and tobacco use, ethnic and racial stereotypes) --Charles Solomon

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