I wanna make up right now akon - Tattoo concealer make up.

I Wanna Make Up Right Now Akon

i wanna make up right now akon

i wanna make up right now akon - I Wanna

I Wanna Iguana

I Wanna Iguana

Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. He promises that she won't have to feed it or clean its cage or even see it if she doesn't want to. Of course Mom imagines life with a six-foot-long iguana eating them out of house and home. Alex's reassurances: It takes fifteen years for an iguana to get that big. I'll be married by then and probably living in my own house. and his mom's replies: How are you going to get a girl to marry you when you own a giant reptile? will have kids in hysterics as the negotiations go back and forth through notes. And the lively, imaginative illustrations show their polar opposite dreams of life with an iguana.

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Akon (1)

Akon (1)

It’s with deep regret that Paperchase Touring announce Jay Sean will be unable to perform in Brisbane on Friday November 19th and in Sydney on Saturday November 20th due to a death in his family. Jay Sean will be joining the Summerbeatz Tour in Perth on November 23rd and Melbourne on November 25th.

Paperchase Touring sends their condolences to Jay Sean and his family during this difficult time.

Paperchase Touring and Entertainment regretfully advise that Soulja Boy will not be appearing on the upcoming Summerbeatz 2010 Tour. Unfortunately and beyond the promoter’s control, the artist has decided to not make the trip to Australia. Paperchase Touring apologise to all the fans for any inconvenience and disappointment this cancellation may have caused.

Alternatively Paperchase Touring is proud to announce that one of the most successful rappers and entertainers of all time, Ja Rule will replace Soulja Boy on the upcoming Summerbeatz tour.

To date, Ja Rule has sold over 35 million albums worldwide and has performed in concerts to adoring fans all over the world for the last decade. He has won MTV Awards, Source Hip-Hop Awards, World Music Awards, BET Awards and been nominated for various Grammys.

Ja Rule’s commercial success reaches far beyond the music studio. He has been a pitchman for Calvin Klein and Coca-Cola, and has appeared in various movies including “Fast And the Furious”, “Scary Movie 3”, “Assault on Precinct 13”, and “The Cookout”. Ja Rule will be performing all his hits including “Livin It Up”, “Always On Time”, “I’m Real”, “Thug Lovin”, “Mesmerize”, “Clap Back”, “Wonderful” and heaps more!

Joining Akon, Ciara, Flo Rida, Jay Sean, Travie McCoy and Stan Walker, Summerbeatz promises to deliver an unforgettable pop music experience!

Global superstar AKON and Urban/Pop Princess CIARA join Flo Rida, Jay Sean, Soulja Boy, Travie McCoy, Stan Walker and DJ Nino Brown for Summerbeatz 2010. With over 4 hours of live music, Summerbeatz will be heating up the stage with some of the world’s most popular chart topping musical talent all on one bill!

With 8 million record sales under his belt and sold out shows across the world, Akon is one of the biggest recording artists today. His recent live performances at Supafest left Australian audiences elated at his high energy show. He has achieved gold and platinum certifications in twenty-three countries with the album KONVICTED and its singles -- the No. 1 hits “Don't Matter,” and Grammy nominee “I Wanna Love You;” along with the No. 2 Grammy-nominated “Smack That” featuring Eminem. His collaboration with David Guetta “Sexy Bitch” was a worldwide smash hit, and his first album was the two-million-selling 2004 release TROUBLE, which included the smashes “Locked Up” and “Lonely.” Akon’s hot new single ANGEL taken from his forthcoming album STADIUM is at radio now. (Akon will not be performing in Melbourne.) Akon is also playing a show in Newcastle with Jay Sean.

Ciara is a global superstar whose infectious tunes have resulted in multi-platinum albums, smash singles and a truckload of awards. Her dazzling dance moves have mesmerized audiences worldwide. Her striking good looks have led to modelling opportunities and her magnetic screen presence has jumpstarted a promising acting career. The Atlanta-based artist exploded on the scene in 2004 with her ubiquitous single “Goodies.” Subsequent singles “1, 2 Step,” “Oh” and “And I” pushed her debut album, also titled Goodies, to triple platinum status. Goodies instantly established Ciara as a musical force with her silky voice, no-nonsense attitude, and fluid dance moves. Ciara’s second album, 2006’s Ciara: The Evolution, was also certified platinum, marked her progression as a songwriter and spawned another round of hit singles: the creative “Like A Boy,” the sensual “Promise” and the ode to hood love “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” with 50 Cent. Her third album, 2009’s imaginative Fantasy Ride, included the infectious and platinum single “Love Sex Magic” with Justin Timberlake. Her brand new album “Basic Instinct” is due for a January 14th, 2011 release.

With shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Summerbeatz promises to deliver an unforgettable pop music experience.

Akon will not be performing in Melbourne. Promoter Dwayne Cross released the following statement “It’s with great regret that we announce that Akon will not be performing in Melbourne on the Summerbeatz 2010 Tour. This is due to restrictions put on us by the Melbourne venue Rod Laver Arena. We have toured Akon in Australia many times before and we are extremely disappointed that Melbourne misses out on seeing such an amazing and popular performer, however, this situation is completely out of our hands. We look forward to Akon performing in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth”

Following on from the success of two of the largest urban/pop events ever staged in Australia – Winterbeatz and Supafest, Paperchase Touring and Entertainment in association with Jive

Right Now (25 Random Things)

Right Now  (25 Random Things)

Ok. I get the point. I've been Tagged (AGAIN. REPEATEDLY.) So here are TWENTY FIVE MORE RANDOM THINGS about Me.

1. I tend to Randomly capitalize.

2. My favorite number in the alphabet is Blue.

3. is the magic number.

4. I miss my Dad.

5. I prefer cold weather to hot, but I love thunderstorms, so I put up with the heat and humidity required to produce appropriate thunder and lightning every once in awhile. One of the things I miss most about South Florida are the hurricanes.

6. I type 60+ wpm. I am the ONLY one who showed up enough to Ms. Hall's typing class senior year to: a) Remember her name and b) learn how to type.

7. I hate raw tomatoes.

8. I could listen to Keifer Sutherland's voice for hours. He could read the phone book. I don't care.

9. Writing this made me think of Van Halen's video for "Right Now" so I stopped writing these things down and watched the video on the internet and wrote down ALL of the "Right Nows."
A few favorites:
Right Now...
-there's a bomb factory hard at work
-oil companies and old men are in control
-a convenience store is open
-oysters are being robbed of their sole posession
-our government is doing things we think only other countries do
-you aren't doing what you most wish you were
-your memory is getting longer while your life is getting shorter

Where was I? Oh yes...

10. I can do the Time Warp. (Again.)

11. I have Zero Patience with stupid people. I am working on that.

12. I am very empathetic despite my tough exterior. If I care about you, it is very easy for you to hurt me. But I'll also go to the ends of the earth for you.

13. I did not appreciate the beauty and freedom of my youth, although I listened to Baz Luhrmann's Sunscreen Song incessantly, and to be fair, it warned me of that.

14. I listened to Nine Inch Nails album Pretty Hate Machine so damn much that, to this day, my mother knows the song "Head Like a Hole"

15. I'm skipping Number Fifteen. Because I can. And now you'll wonder.

16. I once broke someone's heart, and, although it was absolutely the right thing to do, I feel badly for deeply hurting someone I once cared about. I worry to this day if he has ever been okay.

17. I love crosswords. Possibly because I love words.

18. I'd love to be a Culinary Anthropologist. I just don't know where that would be both applicable and profitable. I'd also like to tie the photography in with that, if possible.

19. Did I leave the oven on?

20. I prefer dogs to cats. Generally large dogs. Although I have always been fascinated by large, predator cats, particularly pumas, panthers, mountain lions... et cetera. I blame the short-lived but much-loved-by-me series "Manimal" for this obsession.

21. I tend to think and write in Stream of Consciousness.

22. I am a maple syrup snob and will only eat genuine Grade B Maple syrup. From a tree, not a female-shaped plastic bottle.

23. Also Balsamic Vinegar: Roland Four Diamond brand... it's amazing and once I had it, I have never been able to eat the thin, un-aged stuff again.

24. I love high thread-count, 100% cotton sheets. I have probably 10 sets. I do not believe it is necessary to have this many sheet sets for one bed. Nevertheless...

25. I want to travel the country for months in an RV. I want to see and photograph every wonder of our country and eat at odd, roadside diners and dives and historic places, and pick berries and see deserts and oceans and lakes and endless skies and sunsets and landmarks and buildings and sagauro cacti and large trees and moose and bears and rusted out airplanes and wrecked cars and urban superhighways and islands both deserted and supersaturated with 8 million people.

I'd also like to travel Europe by train.

i wanna make up right now akon

i wanna make up right now akon

But Mommy, I Don't Wanna Grow Up! Costume Adult

You're just a big kid and everyone knows it! But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up adult costume includes special double dress/pajama suit, baby bonnet, scarf, inflatable legs, inflatable torso and old lady mask. Shoes and Socks not included. Other themed accessories available separately. Costume is made of 100% Polyester. Baby costume for men is available in Adult Men Standard Size 42-46.

Hip-hop group TLC calls them "scrubs," and most women call them "losers." Kids call them "cool," for getting away with it so long. We all know them: the grown men who won't grow up. They mooch off of their poor old mothers, don't have a job, and probably have never even opened a bank account. Their idea of fun? Hanging out at the arcade with 13-year-olds. The But, Mommy, I Don't Want to Grow Up costume parodies these guys. It's the latest in double-take costumes, which give the illusion that two people are interacting in some way, though only one person is actually wearing the costume. First, inflate your "mommy's" torso and legs. Next, step into the dress, but put your arms in the sleeves of the jumper. Insert the inflated torso into the dress and the sleeves. Put mommy's mask and scarf on her head. Strap on your bonnet, and away on mommy's timeworn back you go. Complete costume comes with a bonnet, scarf, old lady mask, inflatable torso, and inflatable legs. The costume is machine washable and one size fits all. --Diane Beall

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